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Mental Health Resources

The Counseling & Care Center strives to be a resource for all persons. We provide many services and programs, as well as work cooperatively with the A.A. County offices of Mental Health, Dept. of Education, and many other organizations.

Some resources are listed below categorically. If you would like to know more, or want recommendations for additional organizations or support groups, we would be happy to provide those.

Please contact us at: 443-261-3289 or




View Our Grief Booklet

The Chesapeake Life Center: Chesapeake Life Center offers support for those coping with grief and loss.


Parenting for a Different World (PDW) – a nonprofit organization of professional volunteers devoted to building coping and resilience skills for children and youth through education, sports, faith/community involvement and music and the arts.  Contact: Barbara Gass at or 443-261-3289.

Parenting Blog on our Woods Counseling & Care Center website.

Anne Arundel County Partnership For Children, Youth, and Families

COVID-19 information and resources can be accessed at:



Youth Suicide Awareness Action Team (YSA) – of A.A. County which educates and empowers the community to prevent youth suicide and promotes optimal mental health and resiliency in children and families. Contact: Joseph Van Deuren at or 410-263-0050.

The Chesapeake Life Center – Chesapeake Life Center offers forums for those coping with loss after suicide. Please contact: 
Susan Coale at 410-987-2129 x 1271 or
Sarah Montgomery at 888-501-7077  or

Health & Well-being (Mental, Emotional, Behavioral)
The Woods Counseling & Care Center offers counseling services for a wide variety of health and well-being needs. Our services include, but are not limited to: Depression, Anxiety, Individual and Couple Counseling, Substance Abuse, Adolescent Counseling, and Trauma. Please visit our “Counseling Center” tab at the top of the page to connect directly with the counselors.

Seniors & Caregivers: 

Maryland Access Point (MAP) – A collaboration of Maryland State, Anne Arundel County, Hospice of the Chesapeake and Woods Church providing a hotline with resources for seniors and their caregivers. Contact: 410-222-4257.


Stephen Ministers – Trained volunteer caregivers who provide confidential one-on-one Christian care to individuals who are experiencing difficulties or transitions in their lives. Contact Woods Church: 410-647-2550.

Noah's Ark Ministry:

This Ministry recognizes animals as a gift from God.  The Care Center offers support to those going through difficult decisions regarding their pets.  Once a year, usually in the Fall, a Blessing of the Animals service is held attracting many delighted, lovable and unusual creatures. (It's a real hoot/howl/hiss.) In memory of our founding volunteer veterinarian, Dr. Carl Rogge, a bowl of cool water is available at the entrance to the Counseling & Care Center for pets while enjoying a walk on warm summer days.


Faith & Spirituality:

We encourage you to call, email, or visit a local church; they will be happy to talk to you and be a resource for you. Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church would count it a blessing to answer any questions you have with no judgement or strings attached. Please email to discuss any faith and spirituality matters.

The 3rd Choice is an organization that specializes in dialoguing about all manner of subjects and questions relating to spirituality and faith. Here individuals can ask and converse anonymously, receive respectful dialogue, and have the option to post and read questions on a Q&A forum or message privately. There are also a library of resources to tap into relating to a plethora of subjects.

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